Take the Journey

Welcome to Yoga Elementals™ with Tony G and the journey into the 5 elements; Space, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Each class weaves alignment and philosophy with a focus on strength and flexibility. Included is a strength training course plus in-depth tutorials. Meditation and breath work are an important part of the program. These classes will leave you feeling focused and clear.

Now Available:

$29.99 Live stream purchase

$84.00 Flash Drive

Included in Yoga Elementals:

  • Flash Drive Format

  • 20 Pose Tutorials

  • 27-Day Calendar

  • 6 Thematic Classes

  • 4 Meditations and 3 Breath Work Sessions

  • Program Guide

  • Live Soundtrack by East Forest



• Increases strength, balance, and flexibility
• Improves focus, energy and awareness
• Calms mind and nervous system
• Teaches proper alignment of poses


“[Yoga Elementals] has given me a truly aligned and embodied physical and emotional practice!”